Frequently Asked Questions



Can I have access to my student's academic grades or academic record?

Based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the privacy of student education records is protected. Academic records cannot be released to any person unless the student has given written consent. Cal State Fullerton encourages you to discuss academic grades and performance with your student.

For more information on FERPA, visit

Where does my student receive academic advising?

Advising at Cal State Fullerton occurs in two stages, both equally important.

For general education advising and planning, students visit the Academic Advisement Center (AAC) to learn what courses to take to fulfill their GE requirements and receive assistance in major exploration. The AAC does not schedule appointments, but rather provides walk-in advisement. Students must print out and bring their Titan Degree Audit when stopping by.

Academic Advisement Center:

University Hall 123B

Students receive major advising based on the procedures determined by their specific college. Major advisors help students understand the required classes and number of units for the major they have selected. Depending on your student’s college, advising may be available through walk-in hours or by appointment only. Encourage your student to determine the appropriate procedures before walking in for advising.

My student is undeclared and wants to explore majors. Where can he or she receive assistance?

Whether your student is undeclared or has declared a major but would like to explore other opportunities, the Major Exploration Program can help. If your student has questions about declaring a major, or would like to schedule an appointment to explore, he or she can make an appointment with an advisor in the Academic Advisement Center.

Major Exploration Center for Advisement

University Hall 124

My student is having trouble in some classes. Are there any campus resources that provide academic assistance?

University Learning Center
Students can receive a great deal of academic support on campus, including tutoring, writing skills, study skills and more. Your student can visit the University Learning Center for:

  • Online writing tutor services
  • Tutoring in various subjects
  • Workshops focused on time management, test taking and study skills

University Learning Center
Pollak Library, 2nd Floor


Writing Center
The Writing Center is also a great resource, offering:

  • One-on-one, peer and group tutoring options
  • Improving sentence structure, essay organization and thesis development
  • Writing skills workshops

Writing Center
Pollak Library, 1st Floor


Math Dept. Tutoring Center
The Math Department Tutoring Center is also a helpful resource. Tutoring is offered in any math course on a drop-in basis.

Math Department Tutoring Center:
McCarthy Hall 187

Also encourage your student to seek support from their faculty member during office hours. Your student’s specific college or major department may offer other tutoring or assistance for students; have them contact their college’s assistant dean.

How can assistant deans help my student?

Assistant deans support students through scholarship information, counseling, referral, advising, college-based clubs and organizations, leadership and involvement opportunities, campus jobs and more. Encourage your student to visit the assistant dean in their college.